We attended with 7 of our cars; thankfully we had some helping hands in the driving department…

We reunited Jochen Mass with 962-007 (Rothmans car wearing number 18), this is the car that he shared with Bob Wollek during his 1987 championship. Jochen got behind the wheel for the first time in 35 years but he re familiarised himself very quickly and you can see some of his laps below.

In our Skoal Bandit 956-114 we handed driving duties to Marino Franchitti and Gregor Fisken. With 9 Lemans races between the two of them we can be sure that the 956 was in safe hands! Judging by Marino’s face in the on board footage below we’d say he enjoyed it!

Away from the cameras we had Mark Sumpter driving the Cabin car in the distinctive Richard Lloyd body. This acted as a warm up for Spa Classic in which Henry and Mark took home 3rd place in the Group C race!

Other cars in attendance included the legendary 956-117 in NewMan livery. This car won Lemans in both 1984 and 1985, one of very few cars to achieve multiple Lemans wins! It was truly amazing to bring together such an incredible selection of cars for such a special anniversary. 

The Historic Porsche Collection at the 79th Goodwood Members' Meeting April 2022